2023 Holiday Spending Survey

Dan Galante
2 min readJan 30, 2024

I surveyed my audience on LinkedIn on how their spending was impacted by inflation.

This is an updated extension of my last report where I surveyed my audience on LinkedIn about their holiday spending intent, method of purchase, types of purchase, and sentiment in the U.S. Consumer spending is always top of mind for marketers, sellers, and retailers.

This year, I focused only on inflation and holiday spending.

  1. How has inflation impacted your holiday spending?

How did inflation impact your spending during the holiday season? Share your thoughts.

Holiday Spending Survey

As you can see, 71% percent said they spent less during this holiday season. Consumers must see value in what they are buying. Brands need to create memorable experiences for consumers with their offerings

Based on my research, my finding suggests:

  1. Inflation has dampened consumer spending during the holiday season.
  2. Customers are taking a closer look at their finances this year.
  3. Brands need to provide value offerings that create memorable experiences for customers.

How did inflation impact your holiday spending?

Please share your thoughts and join the conversation.

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