Trends in AI: Highlights from The 2023 AI Summit New York

Dan Galante
4 min readDec 12, 2023
Heading down to the AI Summit

Last week, I covered the AI Summit in New York. I was excited to learn about the trends in AI and generative AI and to see some commercial applications of these new technological advancements.

Patrick Murphy of UAB led the AI Exhibitor hub. Patrick shared insights from his research on Entrepreneurship. He shared how start-ups use AI, and Generative AI to scale up and bring products to market.

Tim Murphy leading a discussion.

Generative AI is being used in the following eight ways:

  1. Content and Asset Generative
  2. Automated Processes
  3. Ideation
  4. Financial Management
  5. Project Design
  6. Optimized Structures
  7. Acceleration and incubation
  8. Ethics and Risk Management.

There was a pitching completion where start-ups did pitches in multiple rounds. At the beginning of the competition, they received advice from judges on best practices.

Jan Nowak Botwise

One of the start-ups that was of interest was Botwise. Jan Nowak shared how his team shared a use case on how they leveraged Language Learning models (LLM)using statistics and GPT solutions for rapid automation in customer service for is a platform that allows influencers to earn money. As a result, was able to screen influencers faster and better for their big brand clients.

AI-Powered Use Cases from across the board panel discussion

Leaders Saira Kazmi Ph. D. (CVS Health), Matthew Blakemore (Creative Industries Council) Taha Mokfi (HelloFresh), Kriti Kohli (Shopify), and Kris Perez (Data Force) share how they use chatbots, improving both the buyer and seller experience using AI. How AI can be used in video games to identify levels of violence and how AI can improve in healthcare and Radiology reducing the amount of time images are read while improving accuracy and detail.

Another interesting Panel was by Tim Delesio CTO of techolution.

Tim Delelesio of Techolution getting ready to present.

Tim asked What’s driving the explosive rise of AI all of a Sudden?

The answer is the economics of the labor market.

On the demand side, he cited labor shortages and persistent high inflation.

On the supply side, he cites the rise of ChatGPT and, major scientific and Technological breakthroughs in the past five to seven years.

He shared trends in AI for 2024 that include:

  1. Physical Labor with AI to help deliver small batch sizes with high-precision quality control
  2. Improved customer engagement by providing a new generation of customer service agents using Generative AI

Tim demonstrated some of these trends when he ordered a soda using an AI-powered robotic arm.

The booth had another machine showing how AI can enhance inventory management when items are ordered.

Inventory management machine using AI.

I was amazed to see some AI Tech that techolution brought to the marketplace.

On that note, I saw an AI-powered Kiosk by Graphen where a man ordered his food and paid. This company is using AI to revolutionize all industries.

Man ordering food at AI Kiosk
Man pays for food at AI Kiosk

There were so many great talks and exhibits.

I want to thank the AI Summit for having me as their guest. If you want to use AI and Generative to improve business outcomes, sign up for the AI summit in your city.

What do you think is next for AI and Generative AI?

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